Silicone: A Practical Mom’s Kitchen Secrets

silicone cereal box

Silicone Cereal Box

When it comes to cookware and food storage, we all want to select the best products for our family. There are many concerns regarding different materials that are available, particularly plastics and certain metals. With so many concerns, a practical mom needs to learn about the options and pick a solution that is appropriate for the entire family.

What is Silicone?

Silicone cooking sheet, baking pans and other cookware items have cropped up in the stores, but the idea that comes to mind with the word silicone is not necessarily associated with cookware. That can make it hard to determine if it is safe for the family.

According to Scientific American, silicone is a rubber compound that is made by scientists by bonding silicon. Silicon is a natural element found in the earth and it is considered stable on the periodic table.

What this means is that the material is flexible, durable and inert. Dr. Weil suggests that there are no safety concerns reported with the material and that the inert state of the material makes it a good choice for the kitchen.

Storage and Leeching

Silicone food storage solutions are a concern for individuals who have previously used plastic because the other materials were shown to leech chemicals into food products. Fortunately, silicone food storage does not have the same problems because the natural material does not interact with food items or liquids.

There is no evidence that suggests that silicone food storage options will cause any leeching into your food. That is why we recommend silicone cookware for a practical mom who wants to keep the kitchen as safe as possible.

It is important to pick out the right cookware and storage solutions in the kitchen. A practical mom uses safe materials that have a low risk of health concerns.

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