How to Raise a Bilingual Baby

Bilingual BabyThe younger a child is, the easier it is for him or her to learn to speak another language. What is more, young children who learn a second language are able to speak this language more clearly and fluently than those who learn it later on in life.

Some parents have expressed concern at the fact that bilingual babies talk later than those who learn only one language; however, educational professionals point out that this lag in development is only temporary. By the time your bilingual baby reaches five years of age, he or she will have the same language skills as other children.

Bilingual Baby Teaching Tips

– If possible, have each person in your family use only one language. For instance, if your husband speaks Spanish and you speak English, your husband should use only Spanish with your bilingual baby while you use only English.

– Play music in a foreign language; bilingual baby love music and will remember the tunes and even the words.

– Showing your baby videos in another language can also be a good idea; however, limit this activity as young children should not spend much time in front of a TV screen.

– Put up bilingual posters showing colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, animal pictures, etc.

– Read your bilingual baby books in other languages. If the books you need are not available from a local store or library, you can purchase them online or ask a relative to send you some.

– Avoid using words from two or more languages in the same sentence. While your baby will likely do this as a toddler, he or she will grow out of it if you set a good example of how to speak properly.

Most of all, have fun talking to your baby. Babies love attention and greatly enjoy conversation, songs, stories and any and all forms of communication. Your baby not only understands everything you say but will soon be repeating your words back to you.

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