Silicone cereal box & Choosing a Baby Cereal.

One of the first of many choices you will make as a parent is choosing a cereal for your baby. What may seem like a simple choice can be overwhelming.  Not only are there different brands to choose from, there are different types like rice, barley, wheat and oatmeal. You will also have options that include organic, all natural, or inorganic cereals. Then you have a wide range of packaging choices to select from. Cereals for baby can come in traditional cardboard boxes, a silicone cereal box, plastic bags, cartons and other packages designed to appeal to the eye. But cereals for baby are much too important to only trust attractive packaging.

Silicone cereal box an easy way to Start

silicone cereal box

Silicone Cereal Box

Start by talking to your baby’s pediatrician about what your baby current needs and how your child’s nutritional needs will be changing. Ask for recommendations and begin reading baby cereal container labels very carefully. You will want to avoid cereal with lots of fillers.

Choose a cereal that is a single grain. Since your baby’s stomach is not developed enough to properly digest complex foods, these single grain cereals are an excellent selection. Grains like rice or oats are usually a good first food. Since your baby is growing, you will want to make sure there is a significant amount of iron and proteins in the cereal. A collapsible Silicone cereal box will help maintain and keep your cereal fresh.

You will likely be familiar with top brand names like Gerber (inorganic and organic), Happybellies (organic) Beachnut (organic), and Earth’s Best (organic). These however, are just the beginning of your choices.

We are here to Help

If you are having your first child, every choice is magnified in its importance. We want to help and encourage you to make the best possible choices along the way. Read as much material as you can on baby nutrition and cereals and be sure to share your comments and concerns.

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