Silicone baby products, 7 advantages

Choosing the materials for your baby products can be a daunting task, with all of the selections available today it can be difficult to choose what type of material will be durable and safe for your infant.

Silicone baby products

Silicone Baby Products

Silicone Baby Oval Plate

Silicone is a material that has been proven to be a great choice for infants, the following are some advantages of silicone baby products:

  1. Food Safe – There is no need to worry about what kinds of foods you can or cannot put into products they are all safe for you to put food in them and feed to your baby.
  2. Microwave Friendly – Even after food has gone cold, or after you have stored food in the fridge for a bit you can microwave the food in our silicone products as is the case with our storage bowl,  you don’t need to worry that harmful chemicals are being released into your baby’s food.
  3. Dishwasher Friendly – Everyone now-a-days is busy, and silicone baby products the advantage of being able to throw them into the dish washer.
  4. BPA Free – All of the products featured on our website made of silicone are BPA (Bisphenol a) Free. BPA is a human sex hormone that has been linked to cause various forms of cancer including prostate and breast cancer.
  5. Odorless – There is no need to worry about odors sticking with your baby’s kitchenware and baby products when they are made out of Silicone. The plastic is completely odorless meaning that no matter what gets left on it or what the product is used for. After the products is cleaned (possibly in the dishwasher) you can be sure that odors will not stick to the product as can be the case for products made with other materials.
  6. Tasteless – Babies are constantly learning about the world around them with their senses. Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, and Taste. Silicone is tasteless meaning there nothing your baby will taste except for the food on their plate, spoon, or bowl.
  7. Stainless – All of our silicone products are stainless! Saving you both time and money because stains do not have the ability to penetrate and set in the material. Meaning that when you buy a product you do not have to worry about it looking dirty, even if it is an item that is getting a lot of use, Silicone baby products can withstand the wear and tear.
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