Organic Baby Food and its benefits.

organic baby foodParents today have so many choices when it comes to feeding their infants, and sometimes browsing the baby food aisle can be overwhelming.

While organic baby food may seem like a more expensive version of regular baby food, there are actually many health benefits to choosing this option for your growing little one.

Benefits of Organic Baby Food

  • Organic baby food is produced without any pesticides or chemicals. The pesticides that are used in standard baby food production can be harmful to developing infants, who have a smaller body mass and can be more effected by a small amount of exposure to these chemicals.
  • Antibiotics and hormones also are not used in the production of organic baby food. Minimizing your baby’s exposure to growth hormones and antibiotics can be beneficial for their long-term health. Research is beginning to prove that these growth hormones and antibiotics that are present in non-organic foods have a negative impact on human development, so it’s especially important to minimize a baby’s exposure during these important developmental months.
  • The production of organic baby food is more regulated than the production of non-organic baby food. Organic baby food has to meet a set of strict standards by the USDA in order to be considered organic, so parents can trust that the food they are feeding their child is safe, healthy and exactly what it claims to be.

Organic baby food is an investment in your child’s health. The food that you choose to give your baby during its first year of life will have an impact on the dietary choices that your child makes for the rest of his or her life. Give your child the best start in life by providing them with wholesome, healthy food that is simple and natural. Organic baby food offers these benefits and many more for your growing baby.

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