Bathing a baby: Important considerations.

Bathing a babyBathing a baby can be an enjoyable experience for the parent and baby alike, many parents find a soothing bath can get heir baby in the mood for napping or sleeping.  Learn the basics and get to know your baby personality.

Always be ready before hand with all things you need for the bath, extra towel,  pampers, clean clothes ect.. Make sure the bathroom is at a conformable temperature babies can get cold really fast and the ideal situation is to make this an enjoyable time.

Never leave the baby unattended and if you need to get something be ready to wrap your baby in a extra towel and take it with you.  Test the water temperature  and make sure is not too hot or too cold, normally a baby will be more comfortable in a relatively warm water.

Bathing a baby.

Follow the general recommendations on the video bellow: