Is my baby teething?

According to a recent study by the Cleveland Clinic infant or baby teething is responsible for a variety of symptoms often frustrating to parents. Knowing how to identify these symptoms and how to treat them will sure help you and your baby  during these difficult days.

The study identified a “8-day window was defined as the teething period” this period included the the 4 days before a tooth emergence, the day of the emergence, and 3 days after it. It is in this period were such symptoms increased and peaked.

Baby teething?

Your infant maybe teething If he or she is within 4 and 7 months of age and display the following symptoms:

  • drooling
  • Increased biting
  • wakefulness
  • gum-rubbing
  • sucking
  • irritability
  • decreased appetite for solid foods
  • ear-rubbing
  • facial rash
  • mild temperature elevation

Commonly baby teething is  relief by using chewing rings, or other similar teething toys and accessories such as the Silicone Baby Teething Spoon which doubles as a spoon. Specially designed to offer your baby relief while also promoting good eating habits with utensils.

Do you want to learn more about teething? Here is CNN video on baby teething:



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